It all began with an idea

It was around the year 2014 when Prophecy, dreamt of starting something completely new. - He ventured vigorously into the world of business independently, trying to find his place within the market where he could make a difference in people's lives.

He dipped his hands into multiple industries within the business world for many years, however he just didn't seem to find what he was looking for.


At the beginning of 2016, a discovery was made that re-shaped his view on the subject. Over the period of years that every business he gave a go at and invested in, not only financially but with immense effort and time, he realised these businessmen and women, did not care about their customers & clients. All they cared about was the money, and what tools and resources they had available to them to extract as much capital & revenue as possible. These tools and resources included ways of extracting an innocent individual's very last dime just for the sake of profits. - 'This surely isn't right?! Customers should be your number one priority. Why are you taking advantage of them and leaving them on the brink of disaster!!'

Of course however these businessmen and women we're talking about here aren't the usual big brand corporate lot. We're talking about the well decorated 'poor' individuals using their fake stories and marketing techniques to utilise these get rich quick schemes or sell their products/services on 'here's the one and only way you are guaranteed to make money' type nonsense. The problem here is we're all by nature attracted to these things until one day we realise we've invested so much time and money into falsely sold dreams that we're never going to get it back. And let's not even go down the discussion of how many good, healthy relationships were lost along the way in which we could've avoided if we weren't so heavily invested in trying to make something out of what we always knew was, a well thought out and put together scam.


At that point, Prophecy had enough and had no choice but to come up with a different solution. 

That was until one night he had a vision - 'If I can't find what I'm searching for, why not create it myself'.

That was when Prophecy digged deep into the world of how the real multimillionaires and billionaires made their fortune and successes and that's when everything started falling into place. Prophecy's approach attacked every possible angle and analysis on each structure, mechanics, elements and fundamentals of all that is truly needed to build success, wealth and happiness.

After years of trying to make ends meet, he finally found and mastered what he was looking for and made an international breakthrough as his story went viral on how an individual from rock-bottom, made it out when all the odds were against him and ended up becoming one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the industry. This is when he decided to put together a company that not only dealt the hand of coaching success but also found a gap in the market wherein the same place, anyone can go to and understand exactly what the meaning of health is and not just find the solution, but help prevent any future problems too.


THE CASCADE OF YOUTH, a company dedicated to providing great services, finding life-changing solutions, and applying the mentality of prevention. 

Our products and services are designed to satisfy all of our customers & clients, anytime, anywhere.

We are committed to customer satisfaction as our number one priority. If you want to learn more about how we do business, drop us an email today at info@thecascadeofyouth.com .

The Cascade Of Youth, is a company founded by myself, Prophecy.

TCOY has a mission to help upcoming entrepreneurs regardless of background by educating them within the field of business & money, whilst promoting health is wealth to the public.

Our vision is to create a revolutionary platform of successful entrepreneurs that can utilize their passion to not only change their own lives but also add value to others too.

TCOY will also be the go-to place to learn and educate yourself on natural healing and medicine. We want to put an end to the common suffering of known health conditions & diseases by applying the eastern mentality of 'prevention'.

Let's prevent suffering, together.

- Prophecy (Founder & Ceo)